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AVG PC TuneUp: Boosting the Performance of PC

When it comes to PC TuneUp, enhanced PC performance, higher speed, less crashing and longer battery life comes as notable benefits. AVG PC TuneUp 2015 is an extremely powerful system maintenance and optimization tool which will help you clean your system, fix problems, improve stability, extend battery life, free up hard drive space, and generally keep your PC running at peak performance. If you think that sounds thorough, then you're right, and that impression will be confirmed as you start to explore. The program's Optimize section, for instance, has modules to defragment your hard drive, disable unnecessary startup programs, uninstall applications you don't need, optimize your system startup and shutdown, and clean and defragment the Registry.

The "Clean Up" section's new Disk Cleaner can remove all kinds of Windows and other temporary files, including from iTunes and Windows 8 Store apps. A Duplicate Finder locates and removes unnecessary identical files, while the Browser Cleaner supports removing old data from 25 of the most common browsers. A "Flight Mode" makes it even easier to save battery life by switching off wifi and Bluetooth with a single click.

Some Features of AVG PC TuneUp:

  • Startup Optimizer makes your PC jump starts by identifying and recommending which unnecessary start up programs and services to switch off
  • Crashes, hardware defects and power blackouts can lead to file system problems that prevent programs from starting. Disk Doctor helps prevent this problem by thoroughly checking files and fixing issues.
  • Significantly prolongs battery life by reducing the power consumption of the processor, switching off unnecessary background processes and reducing the power consumed by internal and external devices.
  • Analyzes internal and external hard drives, finds the 100 largest files that are taking up disk space and lets you delete them.
  • Cleans up hidden junk from the Windows Store and Windows 8 & 8.1 Apps, freeing up disk space and helping to fix app errors

If you are facing problems or troubles with AVG PC TuneUp or any issue related to it; need not to worry. Give us a call and find solution to all the issues in no time. We offer technical support for all sorts of AVG PC TuneUp issues. Our 24X7 services are easily accessible over the phone and chat. Call at our toll free number and avail our services right away.

AVG PC TuneUp Support

Services We Offer for AVG PC TuneUp:

  • Uninstalling, reconfiguring or deactivating the AVG
  • Deactivating incompatible AVG PC TuneUp products
  • Re-installation or reconfiguration of AVG products
  • AVG PC TuneUp upgrades, renews anti-Virus and security software
  • Obtain AVG PC TuneUp internet security & anti-Virus technical support for Mac & PC
  • AVG PC TuneUp online chat, customer helpline or contact number for communication
  • Fixing software errors and troubleshooting with AVG PC TuneUp products
  • AVG PC TuneUp password recovery, sign in login, or signup to acquire immediate help.
  • Installing, downloading or setting up AVG PC TuneUp
  • To activate, startup and boot AVG PC TuneUp products
  • AVG PC TuneUp recommends license renewal, products upgrade, etc.
  • Get latest update, news, information or upgrades on AVG PC TuneUp.
  • AVG PC TuneUp eliminates all security threats, malware, spyware, worms as well as viruses from your computer
  • Get online customer services and tech support for AVG PC TuneUp problems and setting.