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Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) networks are quite common, especially when it’s about managing and securing and managing endpoints. The vendor's Cloud Care service unifies security and system management under a single umbrella of proactive protection, integrating centralized management with remote client technology to ensure that administrators can manage and secure PCs no matter where they are. Available through AVG's extensive partner network, Cloud Care brings unified management to end users as a managed service that combines security, support, and other elements in a subscription-based model.

Unified management products are better and come with a notable twist; the management burden has been shifted to the cloud, while still providing all the bells and whistles of onsite offerings. AVG offers a free platform, which allows potential subscribers to try out the basics before committing to the more advanced capabilities of the service.

Why Choose AVG Cloud Care?

  • Reduced resource demands-As a hosted, free platform, AVG Cloud Care requires no onsite server or appliance for deployment and use. Just log on through a browser and start managing multiple customers from the centralized control panel.
  • Reduced licensing costs-Pay-as-you-go options and the ability to buy only what you need keep costs low.
  • Fully automated updates-As a cloud service, AVG Cloud Care automatically updates the endpoint software with the latest signatures, patches, and release versions. This keeps systems up to date with the latest software while avoiding the hassles of de-installs, re-installs, and manual patching.
  • Continuity-AVG Cloud Care allows management of systems in the field as long as they have Internet access, even during major failures of office networks. Endpoints disconnected from the Internet are also still protected with the latest profiles and signatures. When endpoints reconnect, any profile changes are immediately updated.
  • Simplified installation-AVG Cloud Care can push client components out to endpoints with URL-based scripts, and the management portions of the service require no server or host installations.

If you are facing problems or troubles with AVG CLOUD CARE or any issue related to it; need not to worry. Give us a call and find solution to all the issues in no time. We offer technical support for all sorts of AVG CLOUD CARE issues. Our 24X7 services are easily accessible over the phone and chat. Call at our toll free number and avail our services right away.

AVG Cloud Care Support Service

Services We Offer for AVG CLOUD CARE:-

  • Uninstalling, reconfiguring or deactivating the AVG CLOUD CARE.
  • Deactivating incompatible AVG CLOUD CARE products.
  • Re-installation or reconfiguration of AVG products.
  • AVG CLOUD CARE upgrades, renews anti-Virus and security software.
  • AVG CLOUD CARE online chat, customer helpline or contact number for communication.
  • Fixing software errors and troubleshooting with AVG CLOUD CARE products.
  • AVG CLOUD CARE password recovery, sign in login, or signup to acquire immediate help.
  • Installing, downloading or setting up AVG CLOUD CARE
  • To activate, startup and boot AVG CLOUD CARE products.
  • AVG CLOUD CARE recommends license renewal, products upgrade, etc.
  • Get latest update, news, information or upgrades on AVG CLOUD CARE